The Wipe, Wiggle, & Wash: 

It was a great day when I got the assignment to write a potty training video for parents and kids. The video went on the Charmin website, social media, and YouTube. 

Copywriter: Steph Piperis (me)

Art Director: Amel Afzal

Charmin Pooptastic Stickers: 

Speaking of great days, here I was asked to create Charmin IOS Stickers people can send to their friends, family, and enemies. Originally the name was "Flushtastic Stickers" but through a lucky twist of fate and some legal issues, I got to rename them Pooptastic, instead. 

Senior Designer: Jenn Davidson

The Lonely Plunger

This was an idea another Copywriter and I had that no one asked for. It was placed on the Charmin website and YouTube. 

Another Copywriter: Emmie Strommen